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On the Day…on the silver screen

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

For all the bagpipe and drumming aficionados in the Lower Mainland, we have an opportunity to see something we rarely see on the big screen; a documentary about bagpipes, and in particular, a film about the global assembly of all-star pipers and drummers who form the band “Spirit of Scotland“. The band is composed of top solo competitors including 11 Gold Medal winners, who came together prior to the World’s to compete in Grade 1, facing off against the world’s top bands who have been practicing together all year.

Produced and directed by John McDonald, who calls himself a better filmmaker than piper, the documentary called On the Day: the Story of the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band`focuses on a number of band members as they prepare for the one-day competition.    Read more…

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Welcoming our new lead tip; adding to the history of E. Division Pipes and Drums

February 3, 2011 Leave a comment

RCMP E. Division Pipe Band Drum Sgt. Carol Fraser

With the departure of our lead tip Gywn MacGregor, we now welcome our newest Drum Sergeant Carol Fraser, who moves up from Drum Corporal to take Gywn’s position.

Carol is a Burnaby-born musician who has been in the pipe band drumming business since very young. She started at age eight under Scott Robertson and her drumming career has been a steady rise since then. A core member of the Vancouver Ladies Pipe Band, she was part of the band in the 1980’s as it took the Grade 3 world championship in Glasgow, Scotland. As the band moved up into Grade 2, Carol moved into the lead tip position and again was at the forefront as the band competed at the World’s in Scotland during their 1990 Scottish tour. Read more…

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A fond farewell to a good friend, bandsman and lead tip

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

RCMP E. Div. Pipe Band Drum Sgt. Gwyn MacGregor

If our RCMP Red Serge tunics had numbers on the back, his number would be respectfully hanging from the rafters of the Justice Institute of B.C.

After more than five years with the RCMP E. Division Pipe Band, Drum Sergeant Gwyn MacGregor is stepping down and departing the band. Gwyn made the announcement earlier this month, citing personal and family commitments. His leadership, musical ability and friendliness at band practice and while on performance will be greatly missed.

Gwyn took over the Drum Sgt. Role from fellow Maple Ridge Pipe Band alumni Alistair Fraser, who was a founding member of the E. Division Pipe Band. Gwyn has been part of the piping and drumming scene in British Columbia for many years. Starting with Nelson’s Kootenay Kiltie Pipe Band in the late 1970’s, he took over drum sergeant duties before moving to the Lower Mainland and joining the Grade 2 Sir. John A. MacDonald Pipe Band and then moving into the Grade 1 Triumph Street Pipe Band. From there to Maple Ridge, a growing family, a Director’s chair on the BC Pipers Association board and eventually to the E. Division Pipe Band. His contribution to the piping and drumming scene in BC has been enormous. Read more…

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