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Preparing for Robbie Burns and world class tennis

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Ah, the new year. Time to take down the Christmas tree, pack away the decorations and settle in for the long haul to spring. Kids are

Piper leading in haggis at Robert Burns supper

Piper leading in haggis at Robert Burns supper

back in school, swimming lessons, music lessons, the list goes on. What really is there to look forward to in January?  More cold weather and clouds. Well, if you’re Scottish or someone who appreciates a great night out, there is one bright spot on the January calendar, and we can thank a well known Scottish chap for that.

January 25 is the birthday of the bard of Scotland, Robert Burns. And what a great time to have a birthday. It’s a month since Christmas and a long way to anything else of note in the new year. Pipe bands around the Lower Mainland are preparing for the celebration, with music, dancing, speeches and of course haggis. The Delta Police Pipe Band, the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band and the Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Bands are just three of the bands hosting Robert Burns suppers.

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A few photos from a recent band practice

January 25, 2012 Leave a comment

The January blah’s may be upon us, but this is a great time to spend learning new tunes and working on band ensemble. Here are a few (smartphone) photos from a recent RCMP E. Division band practice at the Justice Institute of B.C. Pipe Sgt. Bruce Coulter was at the helm, guiding us through old and new tunes and preparing the band for the upcoming Davis Cup tennis tournament in February.


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